Promises to keep?

The Prince George Board of Supervisors seemingly was of like minds when it came to one criteria required for the person appointed to finish the term in the vacant District 2 seat.  That requirement was that the person would promise to not run for election to the seat in the November election.  The general consensus of the Board is that by appointing a person with plans to run in the Fall it would be seen as an endorsement by the Board of Supervisors, giving that candidate an unfair advantage in the election.

Constituent satisfaction with sitting Supervisors is an ephemeral thing.  Just ask Reid Foster the incumbent who lost his District 2 seat in the last election. So …  being a sitting Supervisors may not be an advantage at all.

This is made murkier by the fact that Prince George County has two at-large voting districts with three Supervisors from District 2 and two Supervisors from District 1.  It is hard to know who one’s constituents really are and it is impossible for constituents to know which Supervisor to hold accountable for actions taken or not taken.

The Prince George Democratic Committee is considering adopting a resolution supporting single member voting districts so there would be only one Supervisor (or School Board Member) elected from each precinct.  The resolution is in the drafting process and may be considered for a vote at the Committee’s May meeting.

Any thoughts on the matter?

District 2 Seat Still Vacant … and the beat goes on

The Prince George Board of Supervisors continues to be short one Supervisor as it was unable to appoint an interim seat filler at the budget meeting last night as reported by @PrinceGeorgeVA.

As Xena wrote yesterday, Reid Foster, was not nominated last night.  The three nominees were Bill Elliott, Marlene Waymack, and Sheila Minor.  Again, none of the three received the required three votes.  If Robertson and Gandel remain committed to Minor and this goes to the Circuit Court for the appointment, their steadfast support of Minor might be very persuasive to the judge.

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Xena could not attend the meeting last night so we do not know who nominated Elliott and who voted for whom.

March 9 Further Consideration of District 2 BOS Appointment

Board of Supervisors again takes up consideration of district 2 interim appointment …

The BOS will again consider the interim appointment of a District 2 Supervisor tonight at 6:00 p.m,  to fill the seat left vacant when Henry Parker died in late February.  Parker had been on the BOS 36 years and for many embodied the way Prince George should remain …

Now enter 13 Prince Georgians some African-American, some women, some professionals, some tradesmen …

Of the 13, two women and one man were nominated by the divided Board,   but none could garner the three votes necessary to receive the appointment.  The matter was then tabled to be considered tonight, March 9, in the budget work session at 6 p.m.

The only committed Parker protege on the Board, Alan Carmichael, secured only his one vote for his nominee Reid Foster.  Though a past Supervisor it is unlikely that Foster will receive two more votes.  The only vote Carmichael may have been able to persuade toward Foster during the week-long interim is Jerry Skalsky but Skalsky has a nominee of his own, Marlene Waymack.  Switching the Skalsky vote to Foster would not result in Foster’s appointment which would still be one vote short.

If Foster is a non-starter that leaves two questions … will Waymack or Minor be able to garner the one more vote needed to secure the nomination?  Or will the Board reach into the remaining pool of 9 to find a compromise candidate?

So will Skalsky switch his vote to Minor allowing him to be part of the majority and result her appointment?  She is formerly the Finance Director of  Prince George County, a professional financial consultant to many local governments, and a recognized leader in the field of local government financial governance. This may be scary for Skalsky. Minor would not be a Supervisor in the mold of Parker.

Though unlikely, Waymack may be the compromise of the three nominees if Skalsky doesn’t forsake his support for her candidacy.  She is well connected, old Prince George, and would likely be a Parkerite. Carmichael could vote for her if Foster has no chance of securing the nomination.  That would leave only needing a vote from Robertson or Gandel to secure her appointment.

If Waymack cannot be compromised upon by Gandel or Robertson and if Foster is out then the Board could reach into the remaining pool of 9 candidates to find a compromise candidate.

Attend the meeting tonight and see what happens.